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Relais San Lorenzo


"History Meets Taste"

An unmatched setting for a unique experience. The gourmet restaurant of Relais San Lorenzo is embedded within a Roman and medieval Archeological site: an exciting door on time.
The fine and high-level cuisine will allow you to taste the pleasure of Italian dishes and valuable local products.
Our gourmet Restaurant offers the availability of only 6 tables, reservation is required.
(Opening Time: Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 pm to 10.30 pm, Sunday from 00.30 pm to 02.30 pm)
Dress Code: Smart casual
(Pets are not allowed)

Relais San Lorenzo


"The valleys and the Orobian Alps"

At the sound of the strokes of the bells of the Civic Tower, it will be a dream to enjoy a cool drink or a quick snack on the terrace overlooking the valley that lies at the foot of the Alps.
Lose yourselves in a breathtaking landscape.
(Open during the spring, summer and autumn from 00.30 pm to 07.30 pm)
(Pets are not allowed)

Relais San Lorenzo


"A unique setting"

Down a few steps inside the archaeological site, you will come to a bar and lounge where guests can enjoy aperitifs, wines, champagnes, spirits and bas armagnac always paired with hot and cold snacks.
You’ ll taste our proposals in a unique place within the ancient walls, traces of a remote past.
(Open from 00.30 pm to 11.00 pm)
(Pets are not allowed)

OUR GOURMET PROPOSALS (Hostaria Reastaurant)

The main characteristics of the cuisine offered by Chef Antonio Cuomo are:

- The promotion of local products in respect of traditional flavors, with revisited combinations and processing techniques;
- Excellent and selected raw materials, but also poor, to rediscover authentic and typical flavors;
- In compliance with the philosophy of “Km 0”, providers are the most local possible;
- The application of food design, dishes are studied and interpreted extracting the essence in a modern and elegant composition.
Relais San Lorenzo
Chef Antonio Cuomo his self tells his path:

"As a child I used to stroll around my father’s kitchens, an incredible passion transmitted by him ... with his precious advices I start my career doing various experiences around the world and thus creating my “autodidactic background”.
Curiosity is my secret, the desire to discover and experience, never distorting the characteristics of food.
A search for balance between tradition and creativity, taking into account some basic principles such as the recovery of the traditional ingredients, respect for the seasons and times of cooking in order to preserve the nutrients and flavors.
One of the key points of my cooking philosophy is "homemade": to ensure quality throughout is rigorously prepared at home."


Our Lounge Bar offers guests the opportunity to taste something good at every hour of the day:

- Breakfast with a buffet of fresh products and service à la carte (from 7.30 am to 10.30 am);
- A simple, fast, but refined lunch, offering also great classics such as the International Club Sandwich or Burger (from 00.30 pm to 02.30 pm, Sunday excluded);
- Very special appetizers and tastings of wines and champagnes, always paired with hot and cold snacks;
- A simple, fast, but refined dinner on the evening closing days of gourmet Restaurant "Hostaria" (from 7.30 pm to 10.30 pm).


"A place with millenial foundations"

As the wine loses its origins in the millennia so our cellar is set in a place whose foundations date back to over two thousand years ago. Spaces in time used as cellars, today they relive their former function.

"The wine menu"

The wide choice takes you to discover the Italian excellence region by region. Foreign excellences are not missing, from various countries even the most remote as Australia, to try new and unexpected experiences.
More than 250 labels will take you on this journey to lands and flavors.

"The Champagne menu"

Alongside the most renowned champagne our dedicated menu offers a selection of small producers with very interesting features. From champagne in purity until “zero dosage”, a journey to learn more about a region and a unique tradition.


*** Michelin Starred Dinner ***

A new set of “Starred Dinner”, events of haute cusine within the magical atmosphere of Hostaria restaurant at Relais San Lorenzo.

Discover the idinner-events of haute national and international cuisine with great Michelin starred chefs.

Relais San Lorenzo   Relais San Lorenzo   Relais San Lorenzo   Relais San Lorenzo