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'Opere di Difesa Veneziane tra XVI e XVII secolo. Stato de Terra- Stato de Mar'

Relais San Lorenzo

Bergamo Alta con le sue Mura Venete sono Patrimonio di tutta l’Umanità

'Venetian Works of Defence between the 16th and 17th Centuries: Stato de Terra – Stato de Mar (Croatia, Italy, Montenegro)

Relais San LorenzoThis property consists of 15 components of defence works in Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, spanning more than 1,000 kilometres between the Lombard region of Italy and the eastern Adriatic Coast. The fortifications throughout the Stato da Terra protected the Republic of Venice from other European powers to the northwest and those of the Stato da Mar protected the sea routes and ports in the Adriatic Sea to the Levant. They were necessary to support the expansion and authority of the Serenissima. The introduction of gunpowder led to significant shifts in military techniques and architecture that are reflected in the design of so-called alla modernaI bastioned, fortifications, which were to spread throughout Europe.' (Fonte UNESCO)

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